Ad-hoc use of the pitch

Kinross Hockey Club's agreement with Kinross Astro allows for KHC members to use the pitch when it is not being used for official club sessions or has been booked by other users. It is therefore possible for members to do ad-hoc practice and/or more organised activities at certain times. The arrangements are as follows.

We distinguish between organised activities and ad-hoc use.


  • Generally more than five people involved

  • Pitch must be booked. Drop an email to the club address.

  • Users should pay £3 each per session.


  • Generally five or fewer people involved

  • Pitch need not be booked, but users should check the bookings calendar first to ensure availability

  • No fee involved

  • Ad-hoc users must always give way to organised activities. There should be no ad-hoc use at the same time as an organised activity (for safety reasons)

  • Under 14s should have an adult on hand in the vicinity

  • Under 12s must have parental supervision

  • Users should avoid using the same area of the pitch every time


  • All non-hockey club use must be covered by a disclaimer (signed by parents for juniors).

  • Please be considerate to our neighbours. All practice in the goals should have the sound-reduction pads in place.

  • There will be no access to the clubhouse or the container.

  • Leave the pitch clean and tidy.

  • Do not allow non-hockey club members on the pitch.

  • There is a list of volunteers who you can contact in case of problems. This will be issued to you when you are given access.

  • Make sure you lock up after use.

The arrangements for getting access are as follows:

Complete the application form. This should be signed by the member or, for under-16s, by their parents.  Return to one of the KAS trustees (currently Gurdi, Monty, Richard Savage).

You will be sent the combination for the padlock.