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We recently have formed a development squad to help girls make the step up to adult hockey. It’s lighthearted, but focused and, fair to say, it has been a great success so far. The girls have been playing friendlies against a variety of sides, with growing confidence. For the coming season (2019-20) this will become a third ladies team, playing games in Midland Division 2.

Girls are invited to Dev Squad from Kobras when we feel they are ready to join in the faster and more robust hockey required. This can be any time from the age of 11 onwards, depending on ability and physique. Older children who are interested in joining can attend the late Kobras session on Thursdays so that we can take assess them over a few weeks in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Kirsty Dunn

Andrew Montford
Amy Salmon


Wednesdays 600-730pm

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