P..p..pick up a pizza

It was freezing cold for the girls Dev Squad game against the ladies seconds last night. That was bad enough, but the ladies had put out a very strong team too. So all in all, it was a pretty tough evening for the girls, who came out on the wrong end of 4-1. Still, a good time was had, and lot was learned and, to compensate, there was pizza from La Cigne in the clubhouse afterwards.

The girls may have come second in the hockey, but they are undoubtedly champion pizza eaters (as no doubt all the best athletes are).




Maintenance day at KAS


Great works were done at KAS this morning, with a small but hardy group of volunteers turning to learn the ropes of pitch maintenance. We ran the drag mat over the pitch and the leaf vacuum round the edges, treated the moss, swept debris from round the outside of the boards, inspected the nets and the banners, cleared gunge from under the gate grating and sprayed some weeds.

It was just over an hour’s work to do everything required, so hopefully not too onerous. We hope we will be able to make this a regular date in future so the pitch stays in top condition. Many thanks to all those who took part.

Duncan and Angus Nichol
Gerrold Kuijpers
Wendy Marshall
Kate Bayne
And three generations of the Jennings family!

The pics are courtesy of Joe, who caught Gurdi and I in “supervisory” mode.




Khaos krunches Korinthians at KAS


It was top entertainment at KAS on Monday night, with the girls development squad (or Kinross Khaos, as they are to be known) taking on our social team, the Korinthians.

It was to be a story of youth versus experience. The girls obviously brought a lot of youth to the game, and it’s fair to say we were all a bit taken aback with how much running and harassing they were able to keep up. I’m not sure a Kinross team has collectively moved so fast for many years.

The Korinthians, under Lindsey’s tutelage, demonstrated their canniness by only putting on ten players for the first half, no doubt hoping to lull the wet-behind-the-ears teenagers into a false sense of security.

And a sense of security the girls certainly had, being 3-1 ahead at half time.

In the second half, the Korinthians played their trump card, putting on an eleventh player, and the result was a much tighter affair, with the girls only finding the net once.

Final score 4-1 to the girls. Thanks to apprentice umpires Gemma and Anna who kept things well under control.



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Taught 'em everything they know

Various members of the KHC coaching staff are looking slightly smug tonight, with the news that the player of the year nominations for the Scotland U16 boys and U16 girls both include former Kobras.

“Taught ‘em everything they know”, declare the aforementioned coaches (slightly implausibly)…

Congratulations to Amy Salmon and Alex Wilson.

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Gallery: M1s vs Grange Dev



Gallery: M2s vs Inverleith Dev


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Keep it in the family


The potential M2s squad for next season is an excellent demonstration of hockey’s attraction as a family sport. Take a look at this:

Dads and lads both in the squad
Steven and Finlay
Eric and Robbie
Mike and Douglas
Brian and Joe

Used to have boys playing for the mens’ teams

With sons and daughters who will undoubtedly play for KHC teams

15 members of the squad with family connections.

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Dev squad bears fruit

IMG_8021 (1).jpg

It wasn’t meant to happen quite so early in the season, but with the L2s struggling for numbers, we took the plunge and put no fewer than four members of the girls’ development squad into the team to play the season’s opener, against reigning Midland 1 champions Madras.

Fair to say that the coaches were somewhat concerned about whether the girls would cope, particularly since three of the four were the wrong side of 14 years old and Madras are a tough team to play against.

We needn’t have worried though, as they adapted remarkably quickly and for the last 20 minutes we were starting to play some fast counterattacking hockey, with the girls adhering to the structure as if they’d been doing it for years. The result didn’t go our way, but the omens are good.

This season’s story is going to be about how we get all the talent we have at our disposal out onto the pitch on a regular basis. #problemsofsuccess