This page takes you through the registration process - whether for existing members at the start of the new season or for those applying to join the club for the first time.


Adult applicants

1. As part of the application form you will need to consent to being bound by the Code of Conduct and the decisions of the management committee.

2. Please read and understand the data protection policy before proceeding. 

3. As in previous years, players will not be eligible to appear for the club in competitive fixtures unless subs are up to date.


1. As part of the application form you will need to consent to your child being bound by the Code of Conduct and the decisions of the management committee. 

2. Please read and understand the data protection policy before proceeding. 

3. When you complete the application form you will also be required:

  • to give consent that your child may receive medical treatment as required during the course of games and training

  • to acknowledge that Kinross Hockey Club is not responsible for providing adult supervision for your child except for formal junior hockey coaching, matches or competition.

These are conditions of your membership application.

MEMbership type

Next decide which membership type you want. 

Full membership is for adults intending to play in one of the adult teams

Youth membership is for those aged 14-18 who will be playing regularly for the adult teams. Youth membership rates will also be made available to adults who are in full-time education. Juniors who have turned 14 and are starting to attend adult hockey should register as "Social" members, until they have played three games for an adult team, at which point their membership will be converted to Youth. Juniors (i.e. below age 14) who are training with the adults but not yet playing games should stay as youth members.

Social membership is for those aged over 14 (including adults) who do not intend to play regularly for adult teams. This includes those who have decided to stay on at Kobras after their 14th birthday. You can play up to three adult games per year as a social member. 

Korinthians membership is for over 14s and adults who want to attend Korinthians sessions rather than Kobras or the main adult hockey sessions. In other respects it is identical to social membership, in that it carries the right to play up to three games for the adult teams.

Kobras membership is for under-14s.

Official is a kind of non-playing membership for people who are only involved in the club as coach and/or umpire. No subs are due, but we register you with SHU to ensure that the correct insurance is in place. 

Non-playing membership is for adults who are not going to be on the pitch at all. Typically this would be people who are injured or taking a break from playing, but who want to remain in touch with the club. No subs are payable.


Next arrange payment of your subs. The rates are shown in the table below. These are designed to cover all regular training and match fees. Certain costs are not included:

  • Adults may have to pay for certain items of playing kit. Outfield players are currently required to purchase home and away socks at a total cost of £10.

  • It does not cover summer mixed hockey.

For Kobras, please note that the age group is determined by age on 1 September. e.g if your child is 10 on 1 September then they will be in the U12 age bracket for the season and their subs will be £80.

Membership type    Agegroup    Rate £
Full  10 × £21
Youth10 × £16
Social10 × £9.50
Korinthians10 × £9.50
KobrasU14 10 × £9.50
KobrasU12 10 × £8.00
KobrasU10 10 × £6.50

Subscriptions are payable in 10 equal installments each year. The first payment is due on 1 September and the final one on 1 June. The only acceptable alternative is payment in full on or before 1 September. If you are joining mid-season, you will be charged a reduced (but not pro-rata) subscription rate, but we would prefer if you paid in full, to keep the administration simpler.

Reduced subscriptions may be available in case of financial need or for those who are likely to be unable to play large numbers of games. Please contact the treasurer for details.

Payment should be made to the club account. Click the button to get these.

Please ensure that you give the member's name as reference. This is extremely important!


Once you have made arrangements for paying your subscription, we need you to you complete a registration form. Please make sure that your payment arrangements are in place before doing this. This enables us to use the receipt of the form as notification that payment arrangements are in place.

There are different forms for adult and junior members:

  • If the member is under 16, please complete the Juniors form.

  • If the member is 16 or over, please complete the Adults form.

Once you have clicked "submit" at the end of the form, your application is complete.