Coming to Kobras for the first time

If you have read the Kobras webpage and would like to give Kinross Kobras a try, this is the page for you.

If a child is new to the club or to hockey as a sport, we normally suggest that they come down and try out for a few weeks before they commit themselves. This gives them a chance to see if they are going to enjoy themselves before going through the hassle of registering and creating standing orders for subs.

The first step is to drop us a line and let us know when you would like to have your first visit - we train on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We suggest you come down 15 minutes before everyone else (so arrive 515pm for the U8 session and 615pm for older children). This gives us time to choose a correctly sized hockey stick for beginners and to give them a quick crash course so that they can join in with everyone else straight away. For children who have played a bit before, it means we can assess them so that they go straight into the correct group.


Come wearing appropriate clothing. If it's cold we have no objections to children wearing fleeces, tights, hats and so on. Gloves are fine so long as they have a grip on them. Training shoes are a must, and if possible these should have a raised grip on them. Smooth-soled trainers can be a bit slippy on the astroturf. If your child decides to stick at hockey then hockey trainers are highly recommended, since they provide good grip and a measure of foot protection.

Although we can lend your child a hockey stick, safety equipment is your responsibility. Children are expected to come equipped with a correctly fitted gumshield. Hockey shinpads are highly recommended too. We have the odd spare pair of shinpads which we may be able to lend you. You’ll need long socks to help keep them in place (girls can probably manage with leggings instead).

Some people coming for the first time choose not to invest in all this equipment while their child is "trying out". In reality, we tend not to be doing anything too risky with smaller children, but there is always the chance of a stray stick being swung, and therefore if you decide not to get a gumshield it must be at your own risk.

Gumshields, shinpads and sticks can be purchased from Aitken & Niven or Campus Sports in Perth or from any number of internet retailers. Take a look at our Kobras kit advice page, and do please get in touch if you need any advice .

Signing up

If, after a few sessions, your child decides they would like to keep coming along then it's simply a matter of letting one of the coaches know. After that you can arrange to pay subs and complete a registration form. Details of the registration process are here.