Neil Wilson writes:

Very quick note to confirm Total Warrior all completed. A lot of fun with lot of climbing, barbed wire, fire, nets, tunnels, water, electrical shock thingys, mud, mud, mud etc - you get the picture. You would all have been physically able to do it.

I think it was 13 in the group who did it. Four males - only me associated with the club. Of the females, prob half were not associated with the club, so very much appreciated that they undertook this to help fund the new pitch. Thanks to all who have sponsored so far.

If you do want to donate, that would be appreciated. Remember, you are not sponsoring me - or the group per se - you are helping to fund 'your' new pitch. The link below will be open, I think, for another week.

Pic attached as evidence.


I know the bandana thing is not a good look - it was mandatory so organisers could ID you when up to neck in mud. (Young Alex thought better of his photobombing when he was pelted with mud immediately after this....) This was half way round, so it got a lot muddier than this as you can imagine, but all got round uninjured and for some of the less sporty participants, it was a great achievement.

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