While the rest of us were fighting our way through the club day and struggling to move again in the days afterwards, two Kinross HC members were battling for international glory at the 2015 European Masters competition. 

Club president Gail Nelson was taking part in the Ladies over-40s event, which took place at Old Loughtonians HC in the glamorous surroundings of Chigwell in North London.

Meanwhile men's 1s player (and ladies' coach) Gurdi Duhre was in the Men's over-55s event in St Albans.

And blow me if he didn't come back with a medal - a bronze one! I think it's fair to say that the number of occasions on which a Scottish team has made it to the podium at an international tournament is not large, so huge congratulations to Gurdi. Here is a picture of him with his medal. Fair to say the hockey was more successful than his attempt at nonchalance. ;-)