As most people probably now know, the pitch has started to flood again. We think this is because the algae has started growing again, as it does at this time of year. In previous years, the first freeze has killed the algae off again, and the pitch has started to drain (although there is then the matter of getting the playing surface clean). We are investigating what (if any) steps we can take to get the pitch playable in the meantime.

At this point, you are probably wondering what is happening with the pitch replacement project. 

We are still working on finalising the terms of the lease for the land under the pitch. We think that we are now down to minor details, and so we hope to have final agreement with KGV soon. 

Then we have to award the contract, which is simply a matter of saying who we want to do the work. 

After that it's a matter of when the contractor can deliver. This is a function of many things - their workload, the lead time for getting the new playing surface manufactured, and most particularly the weather. The new shockpad needs to be installed when temperatures are above 5°C. This probably means in March at the earliest.

Chins up!