It was top entertainment at KAS on Monday night, with the girls development squad (or Kinross Khaos, as they are to be known) taking on our social team, the Korinthians.

It was to be a story of youth versus experience. The girls obviously brought a lot of youth to the game, and it’s fair to say we were all a bit taken aback with how much running and harassing they were able to keep up. I’m not sure a Kinross team has collectively moved so fast for many years.

The Korinthians, under Lindsey’s tutelage, demonstrated their canniness by only putting on ten players for the first half, no doubt hoping to lull the wet-behind-the-ears teenagers into a false sense of security.

And a sense of security the girls certainly had, being 3-1 ahead at half time.

In the second half, the Korinthians played their trump card, putting on an eleventh player, and the result was a much tighter affair, with the girls only finding the net once.

Final score 4-1 to the girls. Thanks to apprentice umpires Gemma and Anna who kept things well under control.