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The AGM is rarely the most exciting event, so well done to everyone who turned up last week. For those who couldn't make it (or have better things to do), here are the important bits and pieces.

President: Doug Ogilvie
Vice-President: Lindsey Knight
Club Secretary: vacant
Treasurer: Andrew Montford
Men's Club Captain: Vince Banks
Ladies' Club Captain: Nadia Breach
Ladies Club Secretary: Susie McIntyre
Men's Club Secretary: Mike Young
Junior Convenor: Andy McIntyre
Child Protection Officer: Fiona Rae
Social Convenor: Vicky Carver

(Captains and vice captains)
M1s: Dave Goodenough (Lachlan Scott)
M2s: Pete Smith (Muttley Getley)
L1s: Amy Weatherup (Philippa Orr)
L2s: Wendy Marshall: (Becca Thomson)
Ladies Indoor Beth Robinson
L1s match secretary: Lynn Jack
L2s match secretary: Laura Little
Korinthians Convenor: Lindsey Knight

All rates will be increased by £10 per annum for next season. This is the first increase for 3 years for adults, and since time immemorial for Kobras. The new rates (per month, over 10 months) are therefore:

Adults £21.00
Youth £16.00
Social/U14 £9.50
U12 £8.00
U10 £6.50

KHC has been asked by Kinross Astro to consider funding a planned warm up area adjacent to the pitch. The proposal was that the KHC committee should seek the authority of the AGM to take the project through to completion. The proposal is subject to obtaining funding and planning permission. In the event, the meeting decided that it wanted to review and authorise an agreed and costed plan. It was therefore agreed that the KHC committee could proceed with the project, but that an EGM would be required to authorise the spend.

*Please note that this is not an official record of the AGM and the minutes therefore supersede anything in this article.