So the Scotland Ladies squad were down at KAS last night for a training session. They all arrived bright and early, which gave them a good chance to pick up some tips from the Korinthians who had kindly agreed to be bumped to an earlier time to allow the hockey goddesses to play.

It was nice to see so many people turning up to watch the training session - lots of Korinthians stayed on for a bit, and quite a few Kobras braved the chill. We were much taken with the style of coaching (small-sided game, small sided game and more small-sided game, with chats in between but very little as the action unfolded) and also by the sheer pace of it all. Those of you who fancy a bit of variety in your training sessions will also be interested to know that every 15 minutes, after running round like mad things, the squad were required to fight off the exhaustion and complete a series of logic and mathematical puzzles while they got their breath back. Must try that on the Kobras.

The squad were very friendly and coach Gordon Shepherd was kind enough to pop over and explain what they were up to at one point. And we got a picture or two at the end, which was just as well because they weren't good at standing still.