Another enjoyable game, but not the result we were looking for...


On the move.jpg

Kinross were once again struggling for numbers with two games at near enough identical times. With a bare 11 (same situation for the 2s) and with the help of Karen (who umpired both games),  the club managed to complete the scheduled fixtures.

The Men's 1 game started 30 min late as both sides waited on their umpires, who had both been officiating at the Men's 2 game in Dunfermline. Fidra made best use of the wait, running drills and small side games, and were clearly more switched on from the off as Kinross did the exact opposite of the team talk and found themselves 2-0 down in the first 5 minutes.  The first as a result of the forward latching on to a leave and the second a well taken lifted cross batted past the keeper.  The game then flowed back and forward with both sides strong in the tackle and playing to their skills. Fidra concentrated on short passes to open up space and then send the ball forwards whilst Kinross broke quickly with quick angled passes. Kinross continued to have chances but the final pass or shot was not coming off. The Fidra keeper made numerous good saves which were quickly cleared out by their defence. Kinross continued to press with the pace of Andy S and Lewis out wide complemented by the trickery in the middle of the park shown by Arthur and Chris. Despite being 2-0 down at HT Kinross still had a chance to get back into the game and spirits were still high.

The second half started with Kinross trying a traditional Fidra trick of firing an aerial up the park and Arthur almost got on the end of the first move of the half. This signalled the start of a much more open second half as the limited Kinross numbers meant spaces appeared as the side tired and the same seemed true of the better resourced opponents. The open game meant there were many more chances for the spectators to watch (the ooos, ahhhs and groans were greatly appreciated!). The Kinross defence dealt with the aerial ball well, with David B and Gordon keeping their cool and Lauchie and Ollie V providing outlets and keeping the overlapping midfielders quiet.  Alas, Kinross were to go 3 down after being caught high up the pitch and a series of accurate and hard passes set the Fidra left mid free (with no chance of Dave G catching him in time), and he deftly nudged the ball past the onrushing Alex to just clip the post and roll in. Kinross then finally go on the score-sheet thanks to the rapier like pace of Andy S. Chasing what many through would have been too strong a pass he muscled his defender out of the way and drove the ball home. 3-1 and looking more respectable.  Fidra continued to attack on the break and from one of the games many short corners put one low into the bottom left just out of the reach of the post man and keeper. 4-1. Gurdi then demonstrated his mercurial skills in the final phases of the game constantly driving at the opposition, who couldn't lay a stick on the ball. From one of the resultant corners Kinross slipped the ball right to Dave G, who's pushed shot was going wide, but deflected on the line by Lewis onto the post for the lurking Gurdi to force the ball over the line. 4-2 and that is how it finished. Once again positive stuff from the game play but a need to start quicker and hopefully find some more players for the club would be the take home lessons.