The Madras tournament is traditionally the nice one - a summer's day in St Andrews should be balmy warm, the surroundings are nice, and Madras have been known to turn up with cakes from Fisher and Donaldson. It's well worth turning up for on the whole.

Not this time though. The U10s got away with it, but everyone else played in torrential rain from beginning to end. Your coaches were a couple of proverbial drowned rats at the end of it.

It was eventful stuff too. Fraser volunteered to play a couple of games for Carnegie and got a crack on the knee with a stick in return. He cheered up when he learned that the next game gave him a chance to play against (and humiliate) his sister though. 

Jessica, just coming back from holidays, had to shake off her fatigue to play her first game at U12. "A bit nervous" we were told. That was before she started running rings round everyone. Fatigue did catch up with her after a couple of games, but normal service was restored with a generous supply of biscuits between games, and she came away with a goal to her credit.

Iona was on fire, going round, through and over anyone who dared to get in her way. One of the opposition goalies seemed to be a bit irritated by having to pick the ball out of his net quite so often.

Finlay was playing like a man possessed, and revealed a feisty side to his quiet demeanour when the opposition started to get a bit flashy. Quite right too.

Thanks to Dave and Dan and Stuart for helping with the team supervision, and well done to everyone who braved the rain to play, particularly those who doubled up to play at more than one age group. What would we do without you?!