Tonight saw the first of our summer skills workshops, with the focus on short corner skills. It's fair to say that everyone got a great deal out of it - it makes a big difference to be able to focus on one area for two hours solid, without having to worry about time or temperature. Top banter among the coachees and some really good progress on upping the short corner standards across the club.

Many thanks to David McIntyre for volunteering to do the coaching.

The workshops are open to adult members and to the older Kobras. For the next couple of weeks, we have advanced and basic skills workshops running in parallel. Details below. If you haven't signed up but are interested in coming along, just let us know via the club email.

12 Jul Advanced: Disguised passes, Basic: Indian dribble
19 Jul Advanced: Tomahawks, Basic: Slap
26 Jul Advanced: Aerials